Diaphragm valves in PVC, PP, PVDF and PVC-C produced by Asahi AV are successfully used in various applications, thanks to the great variety of thermoplastic materials and elastomers with which they are produced.

The main gaskets available are in EPDM, FKM, PTFE and PTFE + PVDF. Only Asahi AV uses PTFE + PVDF (cushion cover) gaskets which allow a perfect seal of the fluid and its evaporations. Essential solutions in highly corrosive environments.

Diaphragm valves in PVC are excellent valves for regulating the flow and are mainly used in industrial sectors, where regulation is extremely important.

Diaphragm valves are suitable for numerous applications, in any sector. The great advantage consists, among other things, in the fact that only the membrane and the valve body come into contact with the fluid.

The wide choice of materials also makes it suitable for aggressive, abrasive or highly viscous fluids that are frequently used in chemical and environmental engineering, as well as in the processing industry. This type of valve is also widely used in water treatment.

Discover below the range of the main ASAHI AV manual diaphragm valves and automatic diaphragm valves.

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