Butterfly valves in PVC, PP, PVDF and PDCPD produced by Asahi AV are designed to better manage the interception and regulation of the flow in various types of applications, including industrial plants, chemical industry, heavy industry, water treatment, swimming pools and irrigation.

Asahi AV butterfly valves are quality valves, of high durability and easy to manoeuvre and adjust (up to 19 adjustments can be made in the movement of the lever). They are distinguished into manual (with lever and with gear box) and automatic (pneumatic and electric). The mechanical reducer of the Asahi AV valves is also completely made of plastic, another solution against corrosion.

PVC butterfly valves find their greatest use in industrial plants, water treatment plants and swimming pools.

Butterfly valves in PP or homopolymer polypropylene are designed to be used both in the chemical and heavy industry, as well as in large industrial plants.

Thanks to the particular design of the disc, the butterfly valves designed by Asahi AV stand out for: minimum pressure drop, large flow rate, excellent control and regulation of the flow. In addition, the compact dimensions of the valve allow you to save space and therefore maximize space in the design of the system.

Discover below the range of the main ASAHI AV manual butterfly valves.

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