ASAHI AV PVC, PVC-C, PPH and PVDF ball valves are ideal for a variety of applications, especially for industrial applications. They are produced in several thermoplastic materials and elastomers, the main seals are in EPDM, FKM, FKM-C, FKM-F.

Asahi AV plastic ball valves offer a reliable solution for handling corrosive chemicals, including sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, oxidizing chemicals, caustics, solvents, halogens and various other aggressive fluids.

The PVC ball valves, in particular, are ideal in sectors with low chemical aggression. For example in water treatment plants, irrigation systems, swimming pools and finally desalination plants.

All ball valves are designed to be converted from manual to automatic, it is possible to install an electric actuator or a pneumatic actuator according to the system requirements. Discover the Type AR pneumatic actuator designed specifically for ball valves and its simple interlocking assembly mechanism.

Discover below the range of the main ASAHI AV manual ball valves and automatic ball valves.

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